In the name of angels

You’d look them in the eye And dare question, “why!”

Source: In the name of angels


Start “seeing”

blogUrban life is morbid. Not meaning to criticize, but to realize. day in, day out- monotonous routines, same old work rush, stressing over chores to finish.. Life has become a “things-to-do checklist” for many of us. and only those with the eyes can see, what is missing. Those who pause and ponder. For a while. whilst everything is rushing around, they stand and see. People have ceased to just ”see”. we dont see the blessings that have made us so rich. the goodness in the world around us is so overwhelming, if only we saw. With blind hearts like ours, we can never be grateful. Gratitude comes with the ¬†acknowledgement of bliss.
You wouldnt want to be the ungrateful creature would you? Im sure not. So lets pause. and see
See how the sun rises everyday and reminds us there is a Divine being sending us the signal to get up and live! Live life like it deserves to be lived. Be thankful, be positive..
Lets see the birds chirping, their tiny beaks singing songs of life.. see the little kid rushing to school, burdened by his tiny rug-sack, yet moving. He loves to sleep, but he promises to live throught the day too. See the tiny soul’s mighty message
See further. See the way two people greet and wear smiles, acknowledging their resolve for life. Smiles that lit up their faces, and if you ever bothered to see, it would ceratinly light up your too.
The annoying traffic jam that irks you out of your sanity and puts you off, is actually a stream of people all headed to a goal in their race of life. Why don’t you see the collective purpose of life in that jam?— Now you are wondering, “wow I never knew that”..Yes you di’nt because you werre too busy with life and forgot living
I hear people say “we were best friends, but then life happened and we skid apart”. Makes me wonder HOW!
How could you let go of all the good things that make you, ‘you’. What is the purpose of a life where you have lost your own self and transformed into a modern-age robotic time-controlled human being. How did you lose the person inside. The same person who would talk to you through your days. The person, if killed, will leave you empty and morbid.
How did you decide that heading through life means abandoning yourself. It doesnt. You can be your own mad-ass, reckless self and still be jaw-droppingly amazing. No college loves you for being proper, and that too in a constipated way. And Im sure no company hires living deads either.
Start living. Start seeing the spark of life in things around you. Stop giving away your energies to life. Instead, invest them
From something as small as a Smile thrown at a fellow, to things as big as passing an exam (yes I’m a Medical Student and ‘exams’ are whats ‘big’ for us- laughs), do it with purpose!
Make living your purpose. Promise yourself you’d make the most of everyday. You will storm your brain, and allow your heart to beat to whatever it feels like. that you will listen to your inner instincts and the sweet whispers inside you.
Promise yourself, you wont be just another “successfully thriving money-making rob-org ( heard that in a movie somewhere) of the modern age. You’d be human instead. HUMAN. Yes! Something as basic as that, ’cause trust me when I say it, its the hardest thing to be. you might not believe it, but it is. Being Human is what we all need to be. We could be anything tomorrow, but if we arent Human, we haven’t done justice
If we haven’t seen the beauty and ugliness of life, we haven’t seen anything. See the ugly too, only so you can appreciates the beautiful better.

P.s. The song that kept playing through the course of this scribe is over and the tea i sipped has finished. I’m glad I tricked you into thinking I knew alot about life, when I was only killing time…Psssttt.

Vanity to die for..

The ache was sweet. Like a pain, you’d want to endure. Like it mattered. Like it was worth it
In her glistening eyes, were tears and a gleam. Those pair of eyes could say it all. How they lit up at the rememberance of the beautiful people she once knew. People that made the heart skip a beat. Who knew nothing but the art of charming others around them, with an air of smugness and vanity that was to die for. When told the vanity was lethal, they’d lay back in it a little more. Only to leave her stunned to her very core. She was weak, the charm was not. Slowly and gradually as it seeped in, her feeble instincts started to give up. Being full to her core with the charm was a feeling only she knew. A treasure trove of beauty now lay inside her!
In all bare candor, she knew she was rich. For the beauty she had witnessed was only hers to cherish. A joy that would keep her going forever. The one wealth, she knew none could steal. Her sweetaches calmed her stingings. for she knew the memory of it was nowhere to go, and even though the yearning emptied her from within, her heart marinated in the rememberance of the ones she housed there once upon a time. A vacant deserted house that echoed with the sweet reminiscences.
And like we know it, her heart went on—

Dialogue with the Divine…


We all need that one moment when we feel truly elated and free. Away from the troubles we face every day we wake up, we all have the need to elope into elation and get lost in the vastness of whats inisde us– the expanse of our hearts.
It was the month of Ramzan- the sky was a dull grey, and a biting cold wrapped the atmosphere. The stars lit the sky like sparklets thrown at a black silk robe and they fitting into all the random spaces. I grew up learning about The Night of Power, known as the “Shab-e-Qadr”¬†locally. Tales have it that the angels descend from the Heavens on this Night, only to bless the believers. And I’d always think to myself, Bless the Believers? That must be real special ! I never really felt anything about it, until that One night.
I was on the roof, praying Isha. In a lazy stare at the sky, I noticed it was unusually dark and intimidating. Was it the Night of Power that made the sky more haunting than before? In that moment I felt shudders run through my spine and back up to my heart and I felt shaken on the inside
For some odd reason, the enormity of the sky creeped inside me. What I had been reciting for a while now took the form of a deep prayer and a dialogue. I had been calling HIM all along, and finally I was talking to HIM.
I di’nt know where my tears came from or how loud did the yelling get.
I only know that for the only time in forever, I felt like I was heard—

And then the pen just swayed along and threw these lines onto the writing canvas;

“I said,
O Magnificent!,
Be my Lord.
O Omnipresent!,
Be my Guard.
O You Divine,
Be in my heart..
I come to You to seek Your bounty,
With all at hand, are tears so scanty..
HE said, “Ask O servant!
What ye desire?
Tonight I descend,
To the realm of my empire”..
I said, “Be on my side,
Through the road as i ride,
Never You forsake me,
In the wake of a tide,
Hold me always when i fall,
O my Lord, ever make me tall”
HE said, “Take what is there,
In the sea and the air.
This world and its treasures
Are for you Son of Adam!,
The best of my creatures,
Is You, Son of Adam!
But, Lo and behold!
I deem you be told.
In your quest never waver,
If you want ME your Savior.
Then, O My Creation,
Go dwell in redemption”..
And i talked to GOD that “Night of Power”
Longing for HIS Mercy, upon me to shower!